1. The Program#8 grades will be posted on the website by Monday 

2. The final exam is on May 7th, Tuesday, Norris 136 (classroom) from 1:05pm-3:05pm

3. The final grades should be out by Tuesday night, if everything goes well. Else they will be posted by Wednesday.


The lab is closing after the last class on Wed. Neither of the GTA nor I

will have office hours after this Wed. However, I did ask the GTA's to

hold some extra hours on Monday and Tuesday. Mahesh will be in 133 10-12

on Monday and in 565 Monday afternoon.

Parool will be in 133 9-11 on Tuesday morning.




1. Program#8 due a week from today. With late penalty the last day to submit is May 2nd

2. Searching algorithms are discussed

3. No class on next Wednesday


1. Final Exam on May 7nth, 1:05-3:05pm, in the classroom

2. Sorting algorithms discussed


1. Parool is in charge of the Curator and all queries regarding curator needs to be directed to her

2. Program#8 is posted 

3. Done with structures

4. Quiz#8


1. Quiz#7

2. Structures were covered briefly


1. The final exam will cover arrays, parameter passage and tracing extensively. It is on the 5th of May and the timings are from 1:05pm-3:05pm

2. Program#7 was discussed and critical issues in implementing were discussed

3. Quiz#6


1. Program# 7 has been posted on the website and the due date is two weeks from today

2. The midterm#2 is in next class and the topics will be iterations, parameter passing and arrays. Please be careful about off by 1 errors


1. The syllabus for Midterm#2 will be Loops, functions, scoping, parameter passage
    and arrays.

2. Arrays revisited


1. The concepts of Multi-Dimensional arrays have been taught

2. Some concepts in 1-D arrays have been revised


1. The concept of arrays as memory pointers were discussed

2. Quiz#5 was conducted and the grades were posted on the website 


1. Parool took the class in the absence of Dr. Henry 

2. Arrays were discussed 


1. Topics for Midterm II are Iteration, functions & parameter passage, scoping arrays


1. Midterm II on 04/03/02

2. Program 5 due on next Monday


1. Program4 specification is final. No changes will be made.

2. Program 5 will be posted sometime before Monday and it will be due on March 18th

3. Curator is up and Program 4 can be submitted



1.  Exam 2 is on April 3.
2.  Exam 1 and its key have been posted.
3.  the weights for the programs are as follows:

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8
2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12


Midterm 1


Slide numbers: 6.1 to 6.19

1. Program 3 due today

2. Program 4 due before spring break

3. Midterm in next class. Bring your student id, No. 2 pencil, eraser


Slide numbers: 5.13 to 5.25


Slide numbers: 5.1 to 5.13

1. First Midterm on Feb 20th; a week from next Wednesday 

2. Curator will be fixed soon


Slide numbers: 4.20 to 4.38


Slide numbers: 4.1 to 4.20

1. Second Program due today


Slide numbers: 3.21 to 3.31

1. Pop quiz conducted. Scores will be posted soon on the website


Slide numbers: 3.4 to 3.20

1. The exam dates are announced
    Exam 1: February 20th(Wednesday)
    Exam 2:April 3rd(wednesday)
Don't forget to bring your VT id to the exams

2. Program1 due today

3. The percentage of marks for the first program will be just 2 to 3%. As the semester goes on, programs will be of increasing difficulty and increasing percentages

4. There are bonus points for program1 and there will be none from program2 to program7. Bonus points might be again introduced for program8


Slide numbers: 2.5 to 2.14, 3.1 to 3.3

1. There was a little confusion in the class regarding header files whether it is 
    #include <iostream.h> or #include <iostream>
The rule of thumb is that you use the second form if you use a name space; Please see line 6 of slide 3.2 for syntax of name space. And if you don't use any name space, you use the first form.

2. Parool is working on the curator and will mail you all as soon it is set up. Meanwhile you can prepare your source code, compile and test it on the three input files to verify it is working properly.

3. Making your source file includes putting in all the comments too.


Slide numbers: Chapter 2.1 to 2.4

1. All queries relating to curator and grading the projects need to be addressed to GTA Parool and all queries relating to website and representation of grades in spreadsheets should be addressed to GTA Mahesh. General doubts about homework assignments and projects can be addressed to anyone.

2. Except for a few exceptions MCB 118 will be open (with at least one GTA) on 10am to 10pm Mondays to Thursdays ; 10am-5pm on Fridays ; 4pm to 10pm on Sundays ; The GTA hours will be updated soon.


Slide numbers: Chapter 1;  

1. First program due from one week. To install the software for the curator click here. Remember that the maximum number of tries allowed to run your program on the curator is three. The best score out of the three tries will be taken. You will not be able to submit your programs to the curator till the end of this week, when your pids will be set up.


Microsoft Visual C/C++

The required system for development and execution in this course is Microsoft Visual C/C++.

  • Quick Intro MS Visual C/C++

    The only supported compiler for this course is Microsoft Visual C/C++ (version 6.0) compiler. A student may choose to use their existing ANSI standard compiler if they wish. However, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that their programs compile and run under the Microsoft Visual C/C++ environment. TAs will only be supporting the Microsoft Visual C/C++ compiler. This means that students who choose to use other compilers cannot expect the TAs to help them with specific compiler problems, (e.g, interface questions, compiler messages, warnings or errors).

    Students may purchase the compiler at the bookstore with the text. Instructors and TAs will be prepared to help students that use the required compiler. Students that use another compiler do so at their own risk."

CS Lab Accounts

Students who have not had a CS computer lab, (McB 116/118) account in the last year will need to apply for an account on-line. (If you have had a CS lab account in the last year it should still be active and available.) Accounts will be needed for program demonstrations, TA programming help and development.

4. This course is not about C++ programming. No object oriented concepts will be discussed.

5. The GTAs office hours will be updated soon on the site.

6. Get A-1 copies of the notes as soon as possible.

7. A class listserv will be created soon and none except the instructor is allowed to post messages on the listserv. Any queries need to be mailed to the instructor.
mail instructor now