Programming Aid
Programming Aid


Students seeking help from one of the CS 1044 Teaching Assistants (TAs) are expected to have made a valid effort at solving a programming problem on their own first. Prior to getting help from one of the TAs students should have performed the following tasks:

  • Solved the problem manually.
  • Created an design/outline of their problem solution.
  • Attempted a conversion their design/outline into C++ code.
  • Documented their program as explained in the Elements of Programming Style.
  • Be able to explain their code and describe the part of  problem/code with which they need help.


Students should NOT seek programming help with a problem from a TA if:

  • They do not have a problem solution or have not made an attempt at a solution.
  • They are unable to explain their solution strategy or they cannot explain the logic of their code.
  • They do not have any documentation, (or little/insufficient documentation).
  • Their documentation is simply a restating of the program instructions.
  • They have no indentation or layout of their code.
  • They need help with concepts that were covered by previous programs.

Students who have NOT performed the required steps before requesting help from a TA may be instructed to first carry out the necessary work before help is rendered.

Unsolicited email programming aid requests:

    Contacting TAs via email outside of lab hours should only be done if they have previously specifically requested you to do so. Programming help via email is NOT provided. Programming questions should be brought to the lab for help. The CS1044 Web site discussion board should be used for posting questions. The TAs and instructors will be monitoring the discussion board.


Computer Science 1044, Introduction to Programming in C/C++
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