P1: Map Miles
P1: Map Miles


Due Date: Monday, Jan. 28, 2002, 23:59:59

The purpose of the first assignment is for students to become familiar with the MS Visual C++ programming environment and learn how to submit programs to the Curator grading system. The assignment requires students to create a MS Visual C++ project and source code file. Type the given assignment program into the source code file. Compile/translate the program, editing and correcting any typing mistakes. Test the program on the sample data input files below and then submit their source code.cpp file to the Curator.

P1 Map Miles Specification (PDF format)

Sample sets of I/O files are available for testing:

0 inmap0.dat outmap0.dat
1 inmap1.dat outmap1.dat
2 inmap2.dat outmap2.dat

Downloading Sample Input/Output Files

To download a file, right-click on the link. Select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...", choose a directory to save the file, and save it.

In order for your program to read the input file, you must use the correct name, which will be given in the program specification, and you must save the file in the same directory as your source code (cpp) file. (This will requre renaming the downloaded ipout files to the required input file name (i.e. "inmap.dat") before executing your program. The produced output file ("outmap.dat") can then be compared to corresponding output file linked above for testing purposes.

Computer Science 1044, Introduction to Programming in C/C++
D. Barnette