CS 1044 Homework and Quizzes - Spring 2001

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Homework 4: Enumerated Types and Structures 
HW4 Answers
4/20/01 4/26/01 4/18/01
Homework 3: Scope & Functions

HW3 Answer Key

03/29/01 In class 04/03/2001
I will collect these during class.  We will also use this as the review for the exam.

Please pick up an op scan from my office door.  I will also distrubute them during class.

Homework 2: Selection & Loops

HW2 Answer Key 

03/16/01 In class 03/22/2001 03/16/2001
Homework 1: Basic Syntax

HW1 Answer Key 

02/12/2001 In class, 02/15/2001 02/12/2001 

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