Computer Science 1044
Introduction to C Programming

CS 1044 Honor Code Statement 

An exhaustive list of Honor Code violations would be impossible to present here, but among other things, each of the following is a flagrant violation of the Virginia Tech Honor Code, and violations will be dealt with severely (Honor Court):

It is acceptable to discuss with classmates a programming assignment in a general way, i.e., to discuss the nature of the assignment.  In other words, you may discuss with your classmates what your program is required to accomplish but not how to achieve that goal using C++.  In no way should the individual statements of a program or the steps leading to the solution of the problem be discussed with or shown to anyone except those people cited in the following statement.   

Feel free to discuss the homework assignments and your program source code with the graduate teaching assistants, the instructor, or the free tutors provided by ACM or UPE.  The discussion of your program source code must be limited to these people.   If you have any question as to how the Honor Code applies to this class, remember that:  

In addition, the Honor Code statement included in the Student Guide to the New Automated Grader is in force for this class.

The Honor Code will be strictly enforced in this course.  All assignments submitted shall be considered pledged graded work, unless otherwise noted. All aspects of your work will be covered by the Honor System.  Honesty in your academic work will develop into professional integrity.  The faculty and students of Virginia Tech will not tolerate any form of academic dishonesty.

Author: N. Dwight Barnette
Curator: Computer Science Dept : VA TECH © Copyright 2001.
Last Updated: 1/11/2001