Computer Science 1044
Introduction to C Programming

CS1044 Course Listserv Policies

To send a message to the list, simply send an email message to "". Please be aware that a message sent to the list is received by everyone in the course, about 350 people. The list should only be used for class questions, help requests, course discussions and related messages.

This list is un-moderated. Anyone may post any message they wish to the list. The list will remain un-moderated as long as no one abuses their privileges. Use and membership in this listserv is a privilege, not a right. Anyone posting abusive messages. engaging in flame wars, (i.e. listserv arguments), or posting non-class related messages will be removed at the discretion of the instructors and GTAs.

Source code must NOT be posted to the list. Students posting source code to the list will face Honor Court Violations. The only exception to this policy is the following: Compiler error messages and the ONE line of source code to which they reference may be posted, but no other source code is to be posted. All other course policies linked off the specific course section Web pages are in effect for the listserv.

If you wish to be removed from this list you will need to send two email messages: First, send a request to with the subject line 'Remove from listserv'. Next, you should send a message to with no subject, no message signature and no attachments. In the body of the message place ONLY the one following line:


Replace the text "<YOUR-PID>" with your own PID. If you request removal be aware that you may miss important course announcements and information. (Not all announcements made to the listserv will be posted to the course Web site.) Students removed from the listserv, for any reason, bear the responsibility of keeping up with all course information.

Students whose email address generates a listserv error for non-delivery will be automatically deleted from the listserv. Delivery errors are typically generated for one of several reasons:

Instructions on how to filter the CS1044 listserv messages have been posted. 
Author: N. Dwight Barnette
Curator: Computer Science Dept : VA TECH © Copyright 1999.
Last Updated: 8/30/99