CS 1044 General Agreement Spring 2000

You must complete this form and return it in class by January 26.

Student ID: _________ - ______ - ____________

Student Name (printed): ________________________________________________________

I have read the course syllabus, the Acceptable Use of Information Systems at Virginia Tech, and the CS Dept. Policy on Koofers, Old Programs, Cheating and Computer Use.

I understand that in this course, certain programming and documentation styles and standards are required on all programs written and handed in for grading. I have read the computer file backup policy for this course and realize that loss of work due to hardware or software failure is not an acceptable excuse.

I understand that it is my responsibility to be aware of any announcements regarding test dates, due dates for projects and homework, and project specifications. I understand those announcements will be made in class and posted on the Web site. I understand that non-attendance does not excuse me from this responsibility.

I understand that I have one week to question the evaluation of any assignment, measured from the time that scores are released or the assignment is made available for pickup (not from the time I actually pick it up or learn my score).

I understand that none of the programming assignments or tests in this course are group assignments.

I understand that I am allowed to discuss C++ code pertaining to the programming assignments only with the course GTAs, ACM and UPE tutors, and the course Instructor.

I understand that viewing source code written by another student in this course, or allowing another student in this course to view source code I write is a violation of the Honor Code.

I understand that submitting a homework solution or a program obtained in any way from another student is a violation of the Honor Code.

I understand that failure to abide by Honor Code policies stated in the Course Contract are violations of the Virginia Tech Honor Code and will be treated as such.

Sign: __________________________________________________ Date: ___________________