Computer Science 1044

Introduction to C Programming

Computer/Network Problems

  1. Hardware Problems
    Students are responsible for making backup copies of all their work in this course. Loss of work due to hard drive failure is NOT an acceptable excuse. Backup copies of files on the same hard drive are not backup copies. Backup copies of files on second hard drives are also risky. Backup copies should be maintained on two separate distinct storage mediums, (eg. hard drives and floppies). Backup copies should be maintained until after the end of the term and students have received their course grade. (The Army lives by triplicate for a reason.)

    Remember: Hard drives are mechanical devices. Hard drives fail. Plan for it. It is inevitable!


  2. Network Problems
    Waiting until the night before an assignment is due is perilous. Network access may be disrupted at any time. Loss of network access is NOT a valid excuse for submitting assignments late. Network response can become maddeningly slow at almost any moment. Plan accordingly.

Submission Problems
Waiting to last hours to submit an assignment to the Curator on-line auto-grading system is dangerous. Email attachments are NOT a substitute for on-line submissions. All submissions in CS1044 must be made to the Curator automated-grading system.  Attachments are not to be sent to the instructor or TAS unless they are specifically requested. Unrequested attachments will be deleted, regardless of the reason! 

Besides the CS Dept Computing lab (McB 116/118), there are other labs around campus of which cs1044 students can use in the event of hardware/software or network problems. If one looks at the Computing Center Lab's Web information pages, clicking on the Lab Software and Location Matrix gives a PDF file which indicates that the Ambler-Johnston, Hillcrest, Library Media Center, and Saunders labs have the MS Visual C++ software. In addition, it shows that the first two labs, (Ambler-Johnston and Hillcrest), also have the MS NT operating system.


Author: N. Dwight Barnette
Curator: Computer Science Dept : VA TECH © Copyright 2000.
Last Updated: 1/14/2000