Computer Science 1044

Introduction to C Programming

CS1044 Course Listserv Filtering

Information on how to filter messages, (i.e., configuring Eudora to automatically transfer messages to a specfic mailbox), is described in detail in the Eudora manuals. The EudoraLite manuals in PDF format can be downloaded free from:

The brief description below describes how to filter messages for the CS1044 listserv.

Step 1:

Select the Mailbox menu and the New... option. In the dialog box enter a name for your CS1044 listserv mailbox, (e.g., "CS1044 Listserv").

Step 2:

Select the Filters option from the Tools menu.

Using the Filters dialog window, do the following.

In the Match section of the dialog window, check the Incoming and Outgoing checkboxes. Select the "To:" option from the first "Header:" popup menu. Immediately below the "Header:" popup menu, make sure the "contains" options is selected and in the corresponding text entry box type "CS1044_1344@LISTSERV.VT.EDU" In the following conjunction popup menu, select the "or" option. Then in the second "Header:" popup menu, select the "From:" option. Complete the following popup menu and text entry box the same as above, (i.e., "contains", "CS1044_1344@LISTSERV.VT.EDU").

In the Action section of the Filters dialog window, select the "Transfer To" option from the first popup menu. This will cause a button to appear to the right. Click on the button and select the mailbox that you created in step 1 above, ("CS1044 Listserv"). Close the Filters dialog window and save the changes to your filters.

This will automatically transfer all messages from the CS1044 listserv to the created mailbox. In order to read and respond to messages from the listerv you will need to open the mailbox, (select it from the mailbox menu) and work with messages in it in the same manner as your inbox.

Author: N. Dwight Barnette
Curator: Computer Science Dept : VA TECH © Copyright 2000.
Last Updated: 1/26/2000