CS 1044 Labs

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Assignment and solution


1 Lab 1 in PDF file format This was intended to be an easy lab, renforcing the thought of bringing your course notes to class and initially using the programming environment and curator.
2 Lab 2 in PDF file format Many people rushed through the first section and did less than they could/should. Attention to detail in these labs is key. For those that struggled to write the code, you may need work harder at this material.
3 Lab 3 in PDF file format If you a struggling with extraction operators, getline and ignore, I strongly suggest you review this material before the next lab. You will need it for the rest of the semester.
4 Lab 4 in PDF file format Issues this week included some people not as familiar with selection (if and switch) statements as they should be. Also code formatting is getting to be an issue. Help yourself (and the TAs to help you) by formatting your code and using a good indentation style.
5 Lab 5 in PDF file format Some students had difficulites with swtich statements, and correctly forming the algorithm to read the input from the input file.
6 Lab 6 in PDF file format For those struggling with loops, keep in mind that your next project is due before we have labs again. If you need help, consider when the TAs are in the lab, and seek help soon!
7 Lab 7 in PDF file format Nothing major to discuss as nearly everyone received a 100 grade. A few people were confused by terms (prototype, function defintion), or stuggled with parameters (formal, actual) and the notion of passing values to functions.
8 Lab 8 in PDF file format Several people are struggling with pass-by-reference as a concept. Please review it, as you will need to use it in this course from here on out.
9 Lab 9 in PDF file format A pretty solid lab all around, completed with much troubles by most students.
10 Lab 10 in PDF file format Clearly, not everyone was prepared to work with arrays or .NET (if you worked in Sandbox previously). Lab prep will be important this next week if you've never worked with structs before!
11 Lab 11 in PDF file format For the most part, this lab was well received and clear cut. Most everyone did well. For those that struggled, you might want to review structs!
12 Lab 12 in PDF file format More than a few students struggled with an array of structures. If that's you, you should be working on the project ASAP, as that is an integral part of the final project.
13 Lab 13 in PDF file format Yay, the last lab! Some student strugged with sorting, which was really the only difference compared to the last from last week. This indicated not being prepared for the lab, as we had emailed info about having last week's lab solved and ready to reuse!

Unless instructed otherwise, you will submit your lab assignments during your scheduled lab meeting. Late assignments will generally NOT be accepted.

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