CS 1044 - Fall 2002


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Attendance Late Work Email Discussion Board


Class Attendance is NOT mandatory.

No portion of the course grade will be based upon class attendance.

Students are solely responsible for missed assignments, course announcements or other class activities and announcements in their absence.

Only University recognized activities or excuses will be recognized, missed work due to absence or any other reason will NOT be accepted.


Late Work

Late work may be submitted for designated projects, (not all). When in effect the following late work penalties will be accessed:

  • Programming assignments submitted late will be accessed a penalty of 20% per day late.

  • Programming assignments may NOT be submitted more than 1 week late.

  • Homework assignments may NOT be submitted late.
    Confirmation by email, (or by phone), of recepit of an assignment will NOT be done except via email by the Curator auto-acceptor system.

  • The late penalty policy does NOT apply to the final term programming assignment project dates.

  • Programming assignments may NOT be submitted by email as attachments to instructors or TAs for any reason!

Extension Policy

Extensions will be granted for University recognized activities, provided prior notice is received by the instructor. Athletes, etc. should contact the instructor prior to the due date and explain the conflict.

Medical excuses will granted with proof of medical service, (Univ. Student Health Services, Dr.'s excuse).

Students experiencing personal problems requiring extensions should contact their Dean's office, (in the case of a death) and request them to send a notice to their instructors. Other personal problems should be directed to the Univ. Counseling Center for an excuse.

All other problems requiring an extension must be discussed with the instructor prior to the assignment deadline.



New (and experienced) Internet users should always follow accepted rules of network communication. Explore some of the links on this page to get a good introduction to accepted Net conduct.

In this course there are several rules one should always follow when communicating with email:

  1. Unsolicited email programming aid requests:
    Contacting TAs via email outside of lab hours should only be done if they have previously specifically requested you to do so. Programming help via email is NOT provided. Programming questions should be brought to the lab for help. The CS1044 Web site discussion board should be used for posting questions. The TAs and instructors will be monitoring the discussion board.

  2. Email is NOT postal mail:
    Do NOT always assume that email messages reach their destination. If you expect a reply and do not receive one, follow up on the message. Use of an off-campus (non-VT) email server may result in email not being answered. Due to the Buckley Amendment academic information cannot discussed unless the identity of the person can be verified. (Email related any academic course cannot [and will not] be sent to off-campus email addresses.)

  3. Instructors and TAs teach other courses
    Always identify yourself clearly. Start your subject with a course number, (eg. CS 1044) followed by a brief concise subject heading. (Include a section number if there are multiple sections of a course taught by the same instructor/TA.)

  4. Subject Omissions
    Do NOT omit email subject lines. It is considered very rude and feeble-minded behavior. Please do not send email without a subject. I usually don't answer the email. If it isn't important enough for someone to take time to compose a subject then why would it be important to me.

  5. Attachments
    Attachments are NOT to be sent to the instructor(s) or TAs unless they are specifically requested. Unrequested attachments will be deleted, regardless of the reason! Email attachments are NOT a substitute for on-line submissions. All submissions in CS 1044 must be made to the Curator automated-grading system.

  6. Email account usage
    It is violation of VT University computing information system policy to use another's email account or to allow anyone to use your email account. You and only you are fully responsible for all messages sent from your email account.

  7. Email Work
    Since it is very easy to save email (and easy to lose), students are expected to make backup copies of all communication related to the course until after the end of the term and they have received their course grade. Failure to do so when a communication is needed later in the course, (eg. if a dispute or other circumstance arises), will NOT constitute an excuse.


Web Discussion Board

The CS 1044 Web discussion board has been activated. To post a message to the board, simply register, login and access the CS 1044 forum board. The Web board should be used for class questions, help requests, course discussions and related messages. Note: Official course announcements will NOT be posted to the discussion board. Instructor announcements will be posted to the course listserv/announcements web page.

The Web board is unmoderated. Students may post any message related to CS 1044 they wish to the discussion. The Web board will remain unmoderated as long as no one abuses their privileges. Anyone posting anonymous messages, abusive messages or engaging in flame wars, (arguments), or posting non-class related messages will have their postings deleted and be banned from the board at the discretion of the instructor(s).

Source code must NOT be posted to the discussion board. Students posting source code to the discussion board will face Honor Court Violations. The only exception to this policy is the following: Compiler error messages and the ONE line of source code to which they reference may be posted, but no other source code is to be posted. All other course policies linked off the specific course section Web pages are in effect for the discussion board.

Source code must NOT be posted to the listserv, discussion board or course newsgroup. Students posting source code will face Honor Court Violations. The only exception to this poilcy is the following: Compiler error messages and the ONE line of source code to which they reference may be posted, but no other source code is to be posted. All other course policies are in effect for the listserv.
Posting source code is a Virginia Tech Honor Code violation. All messages to the listerv, discussion board and newsgroup are archived.







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