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Posted by Paul Muessig on September 24, 2001 at 07:28:50:

In Reply to: Curator posted by Sean Houston on September 23, 2001 at 23:04:25:

Although, it may seem that your project is completely accurate, more likely then not, something could be wrong that you're no noticing. Although i can't help you with the accuracy of your project i can tell you some details i've encountered with the curator.

1. EVERYTHING matters, this includes case too (make sure that the upper case letters are upper case and vice versa). I've had mucho problems with this one, cause it's sooooo very hard to miss. Also look out how many decimals places you have on your numbers. If the curator has 55.00 and you have 55.0, it marks off. Same goes for Curator: CS; You: Cs; (its actually 7 points for a capitolization error.

2. Make Sure you have as many lines of output as the curator, otherwise, things get messy

3. The numbers to the left of the curators Perfect Example is how many points each line is worth. You can conclude from this that some lines are not only valued more then others, but also in that some lines, it doesn't even matter what you have on it (if it's worth [0]) You can't really grade a line when everyone's name is different, right?

Other then than, happy hunting for your errors :)

: I sent my project in and got the exact same info on the curator has and got a 46? How is this possible? I thought it went on the accuracy of your project? What are the numbers in the [] before the answers the curator has?

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