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Posted by Patrick Papadopulos on December 21, 2001 at 05:10:53:

In Reply to: Re: THE EXAM posted by Nick on December 20, 2001 at 07:04:51:

Hey Wayne. Hows it going man? You obviously seem to have some programming experience behind you, or at least I hope you do with an attitude like that. Anyways... to my point. I have a decent amount of programming experience also. I have been programming for almost six years now in many diverse types of languages. Because of a case of the flu when AP exams rolled around, however, I was unable to receive credit for AP comp sci.. Thats alright though. My point is that i know all the material for 1044 and 1704 and well a good portion of 2704. Yeah, I thought the exam was easy, but others didn't... and I respect that. I, however, do not act arrogantly towards others who are just learning for the first time (its called intro. for a reason man) simply because I know what a *pointer is.

What is it about Computer science majors in general that makes them so arrogant and cocky? I may be making an generalization, but for the most part (from my observations) this is the case. Just because you know more about a topic than someone else does not mean you are better than them... especially when they are learning it for the first time. I have a close friend at TECH that works his butt off in 1044 because he has never had prior programming experience. He holds an A in the Class. I have great respect for this individual and know he will succede in CS because he is such a hard worker...

You aren't a genius man, and even if you were you would have no reason to act in such a manner towards people. I can bet you Einstein was not like this with others.

If any of you have any theories about the Comp. Sci. arrogance problem, feel free to post here or email me or AIM: CsVT2005 ... I look forward to your thoughts. Good luck with grades everyone and happy holidays.

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