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Posted by Barry on December 20, 2001 at 10:35:37:

In Reply to: THE EXAM posted by wayne on December 20, 2001 at 04:55:27:

: hey
: i don't know what's wrong with you people. the instructors basically baby sit all of you the entire semester and then you can't wait to get online and complain about the final.

First off, Wayne, this is the only place we can complain about the final because sending mass emails probably would not do us a bit of good. However, when you notice a trend of 30 messages a day about how hard the final was, I guess a concensus is coming about this thing. Maybe you are a great programmer, but I am a beginner, as are others in this course, who felt this exam was much more difficult than the designs of the tests and koofers.

: for those of you who are whining about the 3 page program example with 9 questions...use what little brain power you have and tear out the pages that the code is on and lay them out. if it's front and back, then go ask for another copy of the exam. that way you don't have to do all the "rather tedious flipping" back and forth. even though flipping is very, very hard work...

Second of which, I just feel that having a 3 page example was still a tedious piece of information. It was a lot of information and it required us to do a lot of difficult work and so forth; it just seemed a bit irrational.

: i will admit, there were some hard parts to the exam and some things didn't make sense, such as passing the global constant to a function. yes, global constants are global for a reason, but they can't just hand you an A on the FINAL EXAM. an A in almost any college level course is hard to get, so you the students must use your brains to get there.

Third, if they relay material that we have not experienced much with, then why put it on the exam? And of course they can't hand us an A, Wayne, but we know that you are so smart and that you will most definitely get an A.

: so go to class, stop whining, and study. if you can't handle it, or feel like it's unfair, then go somewhere else. go back to a lower level class so you can be prepared. either that or just pick a different major.

Wayne, your whole intent on this message was to downgrade the moral of the classmates who do not have as much programming experience as you. I think this is your whole argument. You have more programming experience, so this came easier to you. Some of us have less, so this appeared to be a very difficult exam.

: for the most part, the professors here at VT are very competent and they know how to challenge their students.

Yes, they should challenge us, and I believe they did with the programs; however, I feel having such a difficult exam with such beginner programmers seems to be a bit unreal and should not have taken place. However, the only just point I have seen to this exam is that it will only prepare us for the future.

: wayne

Wayne, instead of coming on this discussion board and trying to degrade the other students on this board, why don't you lighten up and try to be nice and just tell us you did not think that it was too incredibly hard. Any person can just come on this board and BS some argument claiming that they can program and that the exam was not really hard. However, when the grades come out, would you mind telling me your grade? Then maybe I will know who to copy off in the future! haha, jk.

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