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Posted by Peter DePasquale on October 11, 2001 at 15:06:21:

In Reply to: Re: Another point of view... posted by mike on October 10, 2001 at 17:17:46:

There are four sections to this course, 3 for majors and one for non-majors. At the request of your departments (for those of you that are non-majors), you are taking THE SAME COURSE with the same requirements that our freshmen CS majors take. This is not some perverse torture treatment that the CS department likes to inflict, it's your departments which wish YOU to take this level of a course (my understanding of the situation).

Certainly, if the other departments wanted it to be "easier", the CS department could restructure this section for the non-majors to be that way. However, that's not what the departments wish.

Yeah, it's a hard course, that's no secret. I'm sure your professors told you that. And your friends likely mentioned it too. And yes, for the CS majors it gets much worse after this (ask anyone taking the Operating Systems class).

If you are a non-major, it's likely that you are going to have to work much harder in this course than others that you have encountered.

: : Programming is not all about how a programmer thinks. You'll find, someday, that your job as a programmer is ALL ABOUT following a coding spec (specification) and that despite how you want to do something, the customer (the instructors in this case) get to dictate the situation.

: : Grow up, deal with this and move on. Despite your desire to try to make things easier on yourself, you are unknowingly learning critical computer science pedagogical issues here.

: in all fairness and with all respect for this course.. isnt this a course for non majors? does anyone else find this course extremely hard? im horrible at programming and ive noticed the instructors saying "Wait till CS 3000 something" and "You'll find, someday, that your job as a programmer". Seriously is this a course for computer science majors or non CS majors cause i dont know. I was under the impression that basically no one in this course is a CS major, I myself am BIT. I will not be a programmer but i understand this course contains the fundimentals for higher programing courses. To me it is very hard and i understand because of the CS majors taking this course we must do all of this but shouldnt they have a programming basics course in the college of business for those programmers who will just never get it (like myself)... and who will not be programmers.. I guess im speaking about just myself but the instrustors answers i mentioned above about the later CS courses and in your job as a programmer arent valid for myself but at the same time i understand fully why we learn the right way and not a shortcut way... i guess my question is .. is this a course for majors? ... i just blabbed on alot i hope it made sense

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