CS 1044 Programming Projects - Fall 2001

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Project Specifications and Sample Data

Any specification that is labeled as DRAFT may still undergo major modifications (including being replaced completely).

Be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully.

Project Specification Due Sample I/O Files Last Modified


Vehicle dB with struct variables


Thur Dec 6

1: VehicleData  Commands   Log

2: VehicleData  Commands   Log

3: VehicleData  Commands   Log

Nov 27


Vehicle dB


Thur Nov 15

1: VehicleData  Script   Log

2: VehicleData  Script   Log

3: VehicleData  Script   Log

Nov 1


Array Bounds


Thur Nov 1

1:  Script   Trace

2:  Script   Trace

3:  Script   Trace

Oct 23


Phone Bill with Functions


Thur Oct 18

1:  Call Details    Phone Bill

2:  Call Details    Phone Bill

3:  Call Details    Phone Bill

Oct 10


Detail Phone Bill


Thur Oct 4

1:  Call Details    Phone Bill

2:  Call Details    Phone Bill

3:  Call Details    Phone Bill

Sept 27


Simple Phone Bill


Wed Sept 26

1:  Call Data    Phone Bill

2:  Call Data    Phone Bill

3:  Call Data    Phone Bill

Sept 19


Rectangle Stats


Mon Sept. 17

1:  RectangleData.txt  Analysis.txt

2:  RectangleData.txt  Analysis.txt

3:  RectangleData.txt  Analysis.txt

Sept 7


Low Round


Thur Sept. 6

1:  ScoreData.txt    Report.txt

2:  ScoreData.txt    Report.txt

3:  ScoreData.txt    Report.txt

Sept 3

*Changes will be highlighted in yellow.

Trouble downloading the posted input/output files?

The PDF files posted on this website were produced using Adobe Acrobat 4.06, generally with the default settings.  If you experience problems viewing the files, make sure you are using version 4.00 or later of  the Acrobat Reader.

Information Applying to All Projects

Downloading Sample Input/Output Files

To download a file, right-click on the link.  Select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...", choose a directory to save the file, and save it.

In order for your program to read the input file, you must use the correct name, which will be given in the program specification, and you must save the file in the same directory as your source code (cpp) file. 

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