CS 1044 Homework and Quizzes - Fall 2000

Any assignment that is labeled "DRAFT" is subject to substantial modification.
  Assignment Solution Due Last Modified
Homework 1
Robbie Manual
Robbie Assignment
Wed. August 30
August 23
Homework 2
Basic Syntax
Answers Key
Wednesday Sept. 20 in Class
Sept 18
Homework 3
Selection and Iteration
Moday Oct 16th
Oct 5
Homework 4
Scope and Functions
 Wednesday Nov 1st
 Oct 25
Homework 5
Array Basics
Monday Nov 6th
Oct 30
Homework 6
Enums and Structs
Thursday Nov 30
Nov 21
Homework 7
P10 Design
Doesn't have to follow this spec. exactly.  A basic flow chart with boxes and arrows is adequate
-Use the link for reference.
Tuesday Nov 28
Nov 21

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