CS 1044 Grades - Fall 2000

Here are the final course grades (both sections in one spreadsheet).  

The overall average was computed using the weights shown in the last row of the spreadsheet.  If it was higher, I replaced the lower of your two test scores with your final exam score.  This was done using a spreadsheet formula, NOT a physical substitution, so your original test scores are still listed.

Note:  Grades reflect how well you demonstrated competence on the assignments you were given.  If I designed the assignments well, then the grades reflect how well you demonstrated competence with respect to the course material.  That is all that grades do.  There is no sensible, fair way that grades could take into account how well you managed your time this semester, what external distractions you may have suffered, or how badly you may need a certain grade in the course.  Do not demean yourself by requesting that I raise your final grade because of such issues.  I will not do so.

The usual password, which was announced on the listserv, is required to view the grades.  

I'll update the sheets below at some point.

12:30 Overall Homework Quizzes
3:30 Overall Homework Quizzes

Last updated: December 17