CS 1044 Announcements - Fall 2000

[Dec. 4]  Final Exam

CS 1044 has a common-time final exam, given on Wednesday, December 13 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at:

Henry Whittemore 300
McQuain Litton-Reeves 1670
Struble Engel 223
Tucker Davidson 3

[Dec. 4]  Project 10 Submission Deadline

Since the TAs will be grading your Project 10 submissions by hand, no further submissions will be allowed after 8:00 am on Thursday December 7.

[Sept. 26]  What's the deal with the first test?

The first test will be given (at the regular class time in the usual location) on Thursday, September 28.  The test will cover everything through the end of the sixth chapter of the course notes (Booleans and Selection), which corresponds to the first five chapters of Dale/Weems/Headington.

You are strongly advised to work through the two test 1 koofers linked from my Notes page.

[Sept. 4]  Where is the output from the first program?

All of the programming projects for CS 1044 will read input from a file and write output to a file.  For Project 1, the output will be written to a file named Results.data, which will be created in the same directory as your C++ source code file.  You may view that file by opening it in the Visual C++ editor.  Just go to File...Open; you will have to go to the "Files of type" window, drop the list of types, scroll to the end of that list, and select "All Files (*.*)" in order for the names of your input and output files to appear in the window.

[Sept. 4]  How to manage the input file for the first program.

You may either type in the input or download a sample from the Projects page.  (To download, right-click on the link, choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link ...", and then save the file as described next.)  If you type in the file, I recommend just opening a new edit window in Visual C++, and typing the input there. DO NOT add the file to your project workspace.

Be sure to save the file in the same directory (folder if you prefer) as your C++ source code file, otherwise when you run your program it will not find the input file.

The input file MUST have the correct name, otherwise, when you run your program it will not find the input file.  For the first project the input file must be named IntegerList.data.

Last modified: Monday, December 04, 2000