Homework 6: DRAFT Enums and Structs (Due on 29th November, 2000)


Project 10: City DB Spec 2 Program Spec. Design Guidelines (Program Due on December 4th, 2000. Design due on November 27, 2000)

1.  Cmds    City Data    Log File

2.  Cmds    City Data    Log File

3.  Cmds    City Data    Log File

(Note: Curator will be set up prior to Thanksgiving for this project)


Project 9: Draft Spec. City DB Spec. (Due November 15th, 2000)

1. Cmds City Data Log File 

2. Cmds City Data Log File

3. Cmds City Data Log File


Homework 5: Array Basics


Project 8: Simple Array Spec ( Due November 2nd ,2000)

1. Input File Output File

2. Input File Output File

3. Input File Output File


Homework 4: Scope and Functions. (Revised) Opscans will be given in the class. This is due on 10/30/2000.


Project 7: Functions Spec. This is a DRAFT Spec. Due on October 25, 2000.


Project 6: Program Grade. This is a DRAFT Specification. This might undergo some changes.

Due Date: October 20, 2000 (Tuesday).


Homework 3: Selection and Iteration. Due on October 11, 2000 (Wednesday)


Project 5: Payroll Spec. Due on October 10, 2000 (Tuesday)


Project 4: Overtime Pay. Due on September 28, 2000 (Thursday).


Homework 2: Basic Syntax. Due on September 20, 2000 (Wednesday).   Key


Third Project: The Pay Stub Program is due on 20th September 2000 (Wednesday)


Second Programming Project: See Project2 for the modified project specification.

For this project

Due Date: 9/14.

Late Penalty: 0

Early bonus: 1 pt per day

Max early bonus: 5 pts

Drop dead date: 9/14


Robot Assignment: Click Here (We will be discussing this in class but this is not a graded assignment)


First Programming Project: Click Here (Due a week from Monday, 28th Aug 2000)