A practising Information Processing consultant who is registered with the Computer Society of Zimbabwe is required to adhere to the under mentioned rules in addition to those enunciated for corporate members of the Society.
1. Serve the best interest of the client at all times.
2. Obtain business and promote the practice in a manner which is ethical, dignified in presentation, accurate and not misleading in content.
3. Refrain from practising during a period when the consultant's judgement is or might be impaired through any cause.
4. Disclose to a client any personal or financial interests, or other significant circumstance, which might influence the work for that client in any way not stated in the terms of reference, before a contract between the client and the consultant is agreed, and in particular:
i) any directorship or controlling interest in any business in competition with the client;
ii) any interest or involvement with goods or services recommended or supplied to the client by the consultant;
iii) any personal relationship with persons in the client's employ; and/or
iv) the existence but not the name of any other current client of the consultant or the consultancy with competing interests.
5. Negotiate agreements and charge for consulting services only in an ethical and professional manner.
6. Agree to remain with and to continue to provide professional advice to a client who has fulfilled the clients' side of the contractual obligations, until such time as the client agrees to terminate the work.
7. Refrain from offering employment to the client's staff without the client's prior permission or from inviting an employee of a client to consider alternative employment.
8. Respect the confidentiality of client information and not to disclose or cause to be disclosed or use to the consultant's own advantage any such information without the client's prior permission.
9. Accept assignments only where there is a reasonable and informed expectation of successfully meeting requirements, and attempt at all times to keep all parties concerned (e.g. co-workers, management, clients and users) properly informed on the progress and status of the tasks involved. (This clause applies to ALL Corporate members)
10. Express an opinion on a subject within his/her competence only when it is founded on adequate knowledge and honest conviction and will properly qualify himself/herself when expressing an opinion outside of his/her competence. (This clause applies to ALL Corporate members)


All consultants registered with the Computer Society of Zimbabwe as registered as individuals, and NOT as consulting firms or practices, and all are individual members of the Computer Society in their own right.
Hence any complaints made regarding these consultants should follow the procedures specified in this handbook under the heading COMPLAINT PROCEDURE FOR UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT BY CSZ MEMBERS. [Not included here]

Edited 94/10/05
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