Professional Secretaries International

Code of Ethics

PREAMBLE: Recognizing that a position of trust imposes ethical obligations upon secretaries to act for the benefit of employers, clients and the public, members of the Professional Secretaries International have established and promulgated four standards of professional conduct and resolve to be guided by them as embodying the ethical ideals of their profession.

STANDARD I: The secretary shall act as a trusted agent in professional relations, implementing responsibilities in the most competent manner and exercising knowledge and skill to promote the interests of the immediate and corporate employer.

STANDARD II: The secretary shall strive to maintain and enhance the dignity, status, competence, and standards of the profession and its practitioners.


A. The secretary shall insists that judgments concerning continued employment, compensation, and promotions be based upon professional knowledge, ability, experience, and performance.

B. The secretary shall refuse to cooperate with or condone by silence the actions of co-workers or employers who misuse their positions for personal, non-professional advantages.

C. The secretary shall resist, and if necessary report to the proper authority, instances in the workplace of harassment for reasons of sex, creed, race, or age.

D. The secretary shall inform the employer concerning any changes in conditions of employment, including fringe benefits, which encourage inefficiency, or make difficult the proper performance of prescribed assignments.

STANDARD IV: The secretary must consider the promotion and preservation of the safety and welfare of the public to be paramount duty.

Last updated 96/12/27

Authorized by the Executive Director, PSI, 96/12/17