Student in Informatics, University of Hamburg

On the dignity of my humanity, I freely engage myself to fulfill this oath by my best knowledge and conscience:

I want to live and work honestly and sincerely and always do my best to follow my vocation (in the sense of this oath).

I am aware of my responsibility as a computer expert to process and safeguard all information in a correct way. I will work in an ecological consciousness of information to prevent the "information-sphere" from pollution by faulty programs and wrong data.

I will act in a holistic and interdisciplinary way. I will be cautious not to separate subject and object, environment and interior system, or developers, users and usees, as all consequences of my actions in turn affect myself. I take responsibility for myself, for my thinking, feeling, speaking and acting, and I will only promise what I can keep.

I do not serve any egoistic interests, I will not allow misuse of information technics nor falsification of information, and I will give nobody the possibility to influence me adversely.

I will not use power to control others, and I shall not develop or distribute any destructive software. I will make public any unjust practice and any problem. I will do my best to find reasons of my own faults, and I will forgive others and correct mistakes. I will be open for suggestions and any constructive criticism.

I respect the human rights, the privacy of individuals and the democratic freedom of information. I accept myself and all human beings as they are, regardless of sex, religion, nationality and birth. I will stand up for keeping nature alive.

I respect my teachers and continue their work, in an evolutionary sense. I will work to increasing my knowledge and to a further global development.

If I follow this oath, I am allowed to do all things successfully, otherwise I disqualify myself.

Entered 94/10/05
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