English translation provided in November, 1993

Aiming at high and reliable position in the Japanese industry, every member of the Japan Information Service Industry Association (JlSA) has committed itself to abide by the following code[5].

1. General Declaration

Every member company should realize the mission of the information service industry and fulfil its social responsibility not only to the region it belongs to, but also to society as a whole.

2. Business Conduct

Every member company should understand that its prosperity could be inseparably linked to its clients and make every effort to win their confidence of partnership by:
1) entering into a contract with clear and exact terms and implementing them faithfully.
2) strictly adhering to the client's need to keep its project, its strategies, and any other related information confidential.
3) and constantly providing the clients with quality service.

3. Internal Imperatives

1) Member companies should not make trouble to other member companies by acting against the rules of competition.
2) Member companies should not hire an employee away from another member company in order to gain confidential information and/or win away a contract.
3) Member companies should strictly abide by the law and any contacts entered into regarding intellectual property rights.
4) Member companies should participate in the association's activities as often as possible in order to exchange technology and experience, and raise the level of the whole industry.
5) Member companies should make every effort to provide a satisfactory work environment for their employees, as well as provide them with good and safe working conditions.
6) Member companies should try to develop their employees' technological faculties, to help them cultivate themselves and to teach them to have pride in their work and professional conduct.

[5] "The predecessor of JISA was established in 1970, and new companies have joined JISA every year since. In August 1993, there were 650 member companies, including 84 supporting members. JISA conducts domestic and international activities aiming at its promotion in the Japanese Industry."

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