The Geneticist's Creed

I believe in God, the Father of Chromatin, an almighty complex substance, and in the Chromosome, the carrier of hereditary characters, which are conceived at synapsis by the Holy Ghost, and are born in virginity only in parthenogenesis. I believe that the chromosomes suffer at diakinesis, are crucified at the equatorial plate and are buried alive at late telophase. I believe that the chromosomes arise again, ascend the spindle fibers, and sit at the right side of the division figure. I believe in the permanence of chromosomes, in the communion of the chromatin elements, in the resurrection at sporogenesis, in the forgiveness of mutations, and in sexual reproduction as the most satisfactory means of continuing life everlasting.
Amen .

From Prof. A. Esen, Dept. of Biology, Virginia Tech, 1995.

Last updated 95/01/17