Codes of Ethics Worksheet 1

Consider the following situation:

You are on a coop assignment with a well known company and your manager assigns you to write a program that will reside in the server system of the programming division that will keep track of the activities of each programmer in the group. Among the data to be collected are the number of times the C compiler is accessed, the number of error messages returned, and the general statistics on the type of error encountered. The manager suggests that this data will be very useful in knowing what additional training in programming techniques are required in the division.

Review the ACM code and locate applicable tenets of the code to this situation. List the applicable section number(s). 





Do you believe that if you complied with your manager's instructions that you would be acting ethically according to the ACM code? Why? 





Does the code help you respond to the manager? How?  





Does the code suggest or imply any specific action on your part? What? 





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