Grade School Ethics


  1. Summarize your view of the code of computer ethics/conduct/practice, which you discussed in the report.(Basically use your Conclusion to write 1-2 sentences.
  2. Develop your own Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics. You may use anyone you want to, while writing these Computer usage guidelines As a starting point you may use the following commandment: 1. Do not use the computer to cheat
  3. Bring in an address of a webpage(URL) that gives good examples on computer ethics. For example, these pages You MAY NOT use this URL You can use Lycos or Excite to to a search for "ethics".
  4. Discuss with your parents some types of Internet sites that would be bad for you to visit.
  5. Form groups of 5. Develop a situation, which you would like to see a demonstration of in class. For example: Pedro asks Jonnie to cheat for him and Jonnie SHOULD say NO. When you decide on one, tell me so that I can make sure we do not have two of the same kind.


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