Potential Impact on Privacy for Students in Higher Education

(From Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet)

H.R.6 (Major Legislation)
Public Law: 105-244 (10/07/98)
SPONSOR: Rep McKeon (introduced 01/07/97)

Higher Education Programs Authorization Extension bill

Approved Amendments:

33. H.AMDT.603: An amendment, printed as amendment No. 22 in the Congressional Record of April 28, 1998, to eliminate the federal prohibition on notifying the campus community when a student commits a violent crime. The amendment allows the release of the names of students who are found guilty of committing violent crimes by university disciplinary proceedings. Sponsor: Rep Foley .

34. H.AMDT.604: An amendment, printed as amendment No. 80 in the Congressional Record of May 5, 1998 to express that it is the sense of the House that, in an effort to change the culture of alcohol consumption on college campuses, all colleges and universities should adopt a code of principles and practices by (1) appointing a campus task force on drug and alcohol abuse, (2) providing "dry" alternatives to students, (3) enforcing a zero tolerance for illegal use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, (4) setting sanctions and counseling for students, and (5) limiting alcoholic beverage promotion and sponsorship on campuses. Sponsor: Rep Kennedy, J. .

35. H.AMDT.605: An amendment, printed as amendment No. 64 in the Congressional Record to express the sense of the House that institutions of higher education should not take actions which prevent students from expressing freedom of speech or association. The amendment does not prevent institutions from imposing sanctions on students who willfully participate in a disruption of a lecture, speech, or presentation. Sponsor: Rep Livingston .

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