Parents' Direct Line to the Campus

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Internet - Universities give Internet-savvy parents a direct line to the campus

{The Boston Globe, 12-Mar-97, p. F1}

Early each morning, Nancy Olander,a teacher in Portland, Ohio, faithfully e-mails her daughter Katin Shields, a note. And later every day, Shields, a sophomore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who's majoring in mechanical engineering, dutifully replies. But her daughter isn't Olander's only electronic contact at MIT. When she needs the kind of nitty-gritty information that parents tend to worry about and their college offspring don't - say, the intricacies of health insurance or the specifics of Family Weekend - she types a different e-mail address atop her Cambridge-bound communique: The message goes directly to the offices of MIT's parents' association where, no matter how mundane, it is not taken lightly. "I've never had to wait more than an hour for an answer," Olander says. Approximately 1,200 colleges and universities now have hoe pages on the World Wide Web. But until recently, MIT was the only local college that bothered to include Web sites specifically for parents as part of its on-line presence. Now others have done likewise. Both Tufts and Harvard, for example, recently fired up such sites. And Boston University hopes to have something available within a month.

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