Freedom of Speech    

The Czech Republic vs. The United States

Chris Henry, Jennifer Lemkul, Brian Maher, Max Moldenhauer, Mike Richmond




        In 1996 it came to the attention of Virginia Tech officials that a

        student had a website with content that involved marijuana.

        The student's account was frozen.  In his own defense, the student

        claimed that he thought the website was appropriate since it had

        been accepted by his high school, and because other students had

        sites with similar content.  The student provided two such examples

        of sites with similar content and, as a result, the creators of those 

        sites lost their account privileges as well.  The first student lost his 

        account privileges for two months and was asked to redo the site.  

        The other two students lost their account privileges for the rest of 

        the year and their pages were archived.  Were these different

        punishments fair and appropriate for the situation?





        Read the full scenario as well as the responses to the dilemma given 

        by the United States and the Czech Republic.  Links to this information 

        are provided below.



    Presentation Overview


            The Scenario


            Scenario Aspects


            U.S. Response


            U.S. Reasoning


            Czech Republic Response


            Czech Republic Reasoning


           Country Comparison





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    Contact Information

               Chris Henry

            Jennifer Lemkul

           Brian Maher

           Max Moldenhauer

           Mike Richmond


    Czech Republic Contact

                Beata Olekszyk [e-mail address available upon request]

                Graduate Student, Chemistry Science

                Town: Cesky Budejovice