Freedom of Speech:

The United States, India, and Saudi Arabia

Vidhi Bakshi, Pablo Feliciano, Mohamed Hassoun, Matthew Jaswa, Keith Ratcliffe, Heather Sterling, and Matthew Whiteman




The goal of this report is to present a comparison of the freedom of speech in the United States, India, and Saudi Arabia.  More specifically, the laws, values, and customs in these countries are analyzed in order to determine responses within each country to the ethical dilemma posed in "Spread the Word".  In this scenario, a college student uses the Internet to publish allegations of child neglect and abuse by a mother and father toward their daughter.  The full description of the scenario and its analysis are linked below.


Presentation Overview:

The Full Scenario

Scenario Aspects

U.S. Response and Reasoning

India Response and Reasoning

Saudi Arabia Response and Reasoning

U.S. and India Comparison

U.S. and Saudi Arabia Comparison





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Vidhi Bakshi

Pablo Feliciano

Mohamed Hassoun

Matthew Jaswa

Keith Ratcliffe

Heather Sterling

Matthew Whiteman