Antiabortion Web Site Sued

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 7

Abortion doctors listed as "baby butchers" on a Web site that reads like a wanted poster live in constant fear for their lives, attorneys said today in a case accusing the site of being an invitation to murder.

"The defendants want to stop the doctors by any means -- dead in their tracks," said Maria Vullo, who represents doctors listed on the site called "The Nuremberg Files."

The site lists the names of hundreds of doctors who perform abortions, their addresses, license numbers and names of their children. Those killed are crossed off. Those wounded are shaded in gray.

But lawyers for the defendants maintained the site stops short of making outright threats and is a form of political protest protected by the Constitution.

"This is a case about the threat to kill or injure, which is simply not there," said attorney Chris Ferrara. "Opinions? Yes, sometimes harsh. But no violence."

Plaintiffs, including Planned Parenthood and a women's health center, claim the site violates a law against inciting violence against abortion doctors and their patients.

The site drew attention in October, when the name of Barnett Slepian was crossed off the list shortly after he was killed at his suburban Buffalo home by a sniper.

Defendants include the American Coalition of Life Advocates, an umbrella group for several antiabortion groups nationwide, and Advocates for Life Ministries, a radical Portland-based group.

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