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September 25, 1998, Friday, Final Edition

HEADLINE: Fairfax Schools Tighten Rules on Internet Use

BYLINE: Victoria Benning, Washington Post Staff Writer

Fairfax County students will be prohibited from using school computers to view obscene material on the Internet under a policy adopted by the School Board last night.

The policy prohibits students from knowingly accessing "inappropriate" material while using a school computer. Inappropriate material includes, among other things, matter that is "obscene, harmful to juveniles, or child pornography," the policy states. Principals will determine penalties for violators.

The school district's old policy required students and staff members to limit their use of the Internet to sites germane to school work, but it did not specifically prohibit the viewing of obscene material.

The new policy also requires schools to "provide reasonable protection from inappropriate Internet content." The district has spent about $ 370,000 to install Internet filtering software at about a third of its schools this fall. Filters will be installed at other schools in the next two years.

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