Curator:  an Electronic Submission Management Environment

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Information for Students

Students should read the Student Guide to the Curator, which contains information about how to submit your assignments, how to check and interpret the results, and how the Curator System may grade your assignments.

Links to the Curator Servers for particular courses can be found here.

Questions about the use of the Curator system in a particular course should be addressed to the instructor(s) for that course.

Information for Local Faculty and TAs

Full access and usage instructions are available at the local support site.  (Password required.)

Instructors and TAs administering course sections on the Curator should read the access instructions and the Curator Instructor's Manual available there.

Information for Interested Faculty and Potential Users

Welcome to the home page for the Curator Project. Curator is a Java client-server application for managing the submission of student assignments across the Web.  

The Curator System is a third-generation automated grading system for introductory programming classes.  The Curator System has been freely available to academic institutions since Spring 2000.

Curator may be used to collect and archive student submissions for later processing by humans.  Curator also may be used to automatically score submitted programming assignments.  The submission process includes validation of user id and password, and students are automatically notified by e-mail that their assignments have been archived.  If automated scoring is employed, e-mail notification includes testing and scoring data.

For a broad overview of the functionality and requirements see the Curator Introduction or the SIGCSE 2004 poster (ppt  pdf).

For license terms, see the Curator License Agreement.

Full details and the system source are available at the Curator distribution site. (Password required.)

Users should read the Curator Administrator Manual available there. 

(A password is required for the manuals and the Curator System distribution package.  Send e-mail to for the necessary information.  This may take some time since we're currently understaffed, but we will get back to you.)

Curator System bug reports should be posted to the Curator Forum.

Send comments and inquiries regarding the project to:
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