1. What are three possible ways for specifying algorithms?    [Answer]

  2. Why is plain English unsuitable for specifying algorithms?   [Answer]

  3. What is the disadvantage of using programming languages for specifying algorithms?   [Answer]

  4. What advantage does structured English have over plain English?   [Answer]

  5. Rewrite the directions to John's House using structured English.   [Answer]

Directions to John's House

From the Quik Mart, you should follow Saddle road for four miles until you reach a stoplight. Then make a left-hand turn at the stop light. Now you will be on Hollow street. Continue driving on Hollow street for one mile. You should drive past four blocks until you reach the post office. Once you are at the post office, turn right onto Jackson road. Then stay on Jackson for about 10 miles. Eventually you will pass the Happy Meadow farm on your right. Just after Happy Meadow, you should turn left onto Brickland drive. My house is the first house on your left.