1. Why is it not possible for a computer to use the algorithms from the introduction lesson?    [Answer]

  2. What are the five characteristics of an algorithm?   [Answer]

  3. What does it mean for an algorithm to be well-ordered?   [Answer]

  4. What does it mean for an instruction to be ambiguous?   [Answer]

  5. What are primitives?   [Answer]

  6. Why is it necessary for algorithms to produce a result?   [Answer]

  7. The following algorithm violates several of the characteristics presented in this section. Identify the characteristics that are violated along with the incorrect instructions.   [Answer]
    1. Write your last name at the top of a sheet of paper
    2. If you last name begins with 'H', go to step 4 or step 5
    3. Draw something.
    4. Write the weather for May 4, 2032 under your last name.
    5. Go back to step 1.