CS-4284 Systems & Networking Capstone, Spring 2013

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Spring 2013's offering of the Systems and Networking Capstone course will focus on OS kernel development. Unlike in CS 3214, where we looked at operating systems from an application programmer's point of view, this class will look at operating systems from a OS designer's point of view. At the end of the class, everyone will have written an OS kernel that runs on a virtual machine or real hardware.

The class will be project intensive. 70% will be spent on structured projects using the Pintos OS kernel. 30% will be spent on an open project extending your kernel to implement additional functionality or services.

Grading: There will be no homeworks or exams. Grading is based on the performance in the structured projects, the open project, and the final project presentation and poster. Every group is required to create a poster.

Precondition for taking this class is wanting to learn the inside of operating systems, and a willingness to invest time in system building, along with the accompanying system design, implementation, and debugging time. Informally, this class is for you if you enjoyed CS 3214 a great deal. The official prerequisite is a C or better in CS 3214, but realistically you should have received a B+ or better if this class is for you.

Instructor: Dr. Godmar Back
Meeting Times: T-R 2:00-3:15
Room: McBryde 304