CS 3304: Comparative Languages
Fall 2016

Class Location and Time: TTh 12:30-1:45pm, NCB 230.

Instructor: Dr. Na Meng, nm8247@cs.vt.edu, Office Hours: TTh 1:45-3:00pm or by appointment, McBryde 122B.

UTA: Jue Hou, hjue@vt.edu, Office Hours: MF 2:00-4:00pm McBryde 106.

GTA: Wei Huang,wei90@vt.edu, Office Hours: TTh 3:00-5:00pm McBryde 106.

Course Information

This course provides an in-depth study of current and historical issues in the design, implementation, and application of programming languages. Topics will vary from basic to advanced in areas such as syntax, semantics, binding, data abstraction, exception handling, concurrency, and functional, logic and object-oriented programming. A modest amount of programming will be required to help you get the feel for different types of languages.

Homework assignments, program assignments, and announcements will be posted at Canvas.

Detailed Course Schedule

Textbooks: Grading:

I do not accept late assignments.

Grading Scale:

Score Grade
97-100 A+
93-96.9 A
90-92.9 A-
87-89.9 B+
83-86.9 B
80-82.9 B-
77-79.9 C+
73-76.9 C
70-72.9 C-
65-69.9 D
<65 F


"C" or better in: CS3114 (Data Structures and Algorithms)

Notes & Comments:

There is a lot of very interesting material in this course. To grasp a real appreciation of Programming Language Concepts (and to pass this course with a satisfactory grade) will require 110% effort. I hope that you enjoy it.

If any student needs special accommodations because of a disability, please contact the instructor during the first week of classes.

Virginia Tech Honor Code applies: The work you turn in must be your own. Do your own work, report on it accurately, and acknowledge any assistance. VPI & SU Honor Code and the Policy on Koofers, Old Programs, Cheating and Computer Use are applicable.